Tour Fee & Payment Schedule

Fall 2017



Fair & Agent Fair Option includes: 

  • Table at Boarding School Recruitment Fair
  • Registration lists of all students in attendance at the Boarding School Fairs
  • Table at Agent Fair or All-Day Agent Speed Dating Event when applicable
  • Lists of all participating agents & their contact information 
  • Inclusion in advertising, flyers and posters
  • Inclusion in Boarding School Fair brochure
  • Introductory meetings; welcome and farewell activities
  • Orientation, materials, and opening and/or closing dinner
  • Contact information for all colleagues on the tour
  • Professional tour leaders
  • Assistance before, during and after the tour
  • Option to add air and ground transportation with Full Tour group between selected cities


City Option includes: 

  • All Fair & Agent Fair Option items (above) plus:
  • Luxury hotel accommodations
  • Breakfast daily
  • Visits at schools & mini-fairs
  • Meetings with school counselors
  • Receptions with counselors, agents, principals, government officials
  • All Tour ground transportation
  • Option to add air and ground transportation with Full Tour group between selected cities


Full Tour includes:

  • All City & Fair Option items (above) plus:
  • Flights between cities on Tour
  • Transportation to and from airports 
  • Listing and links on
  • Full page description and links on                                      


Fall 2017


Latin Essentials Tour

September 19 - 28

  • Monterrey & Saltillo
     - Recruitment Fairs & 
           Agent Forum & Fair:         $4,950

         - Full City Option:                $5,650

  • Querétaro   
         - Recruitment Fair & 
           Agent Fair:                         $3,950

         - Full City Option:                 $4,850

  • Panama
    - Recruitment Fair &
           Agent Fair:                          $3,950

         - Full City Option:                  $4,850

    FULL TOUR:                             $14,950



Pan-American Pathways Tour

September 29 - October 7 

  • São Paulo & Campinas
         - Recruitment Fairs & 
           Agent Networking Events:  $5,800

         - Full City Option:                 $6,800

  • Mexico City & Puebla
         - Recruitment Fairs &
           Agent Networking Events:  $4,950

         - Full City Option:                  $6,450

    FULL TOUR:                            $13,950



 Middle East Tour

October 18 - 25

  • Abu Dhabi
         - Recruitment Fair:                $3,000

         - Full City Option:                  $3,200

  • Dubai
         - Recruitment Fairs & 
           Agent Fair:                          $4,900

         - Full City Option:                  $5,900

  • Cairo
         - Agent & Counselor
           Meetings:                            $2,400

         - Full City Option:                  $2,800

    FULL TOUR:                            $10,950 





Southeast Asia Tour

November 2 - 8 

  • Hanoi
         - Recruitment Fair & 
           Agent Fair:                         $3,700

         - Full City Option:                 $4,500

  • Ho Chi Minh City
         - Recruitment Fair &
           Agent Networking Events:  $4,400

         - Full City Option:                  $5,200

        FULL TOUR:                            $9,300



Immersive Asia Tour

November 9 - 16

  • Hong Kong
         - Recruitment Fair
           Agent Networking Event:  $4,900

         - Full City Option:                $6,300

  • Shenzhen
         - Recruitment Fair:              $3,300

    *Hotel Stay not included for Shenzhen Fair Only Members;
    **Hong Kong City Only members who also participate in the
       Shenzhen Fair Only option will receive free hotel stay 
  • Ulaanbaatar
         - Recruitment Fair & 
           Agent Networking Event:   $3,700

         - Full City Option:                 $4,400

    FULL TOUR:                           $13,900 



Click here for locations and dates. 




Linden offers but does not pay for:

  • Business or first-class airfare within each region
  • Shipment of materials to the fair sites
  • Personal Cultural activities

Linden does not pay for:

  • Overseas airfare (Participants are responsible for making their own arrangements to the first/ final tour cities)
  • Most meals
  • Personal expenses such as taxis, telephone, fax or laundry charges

Tour fees are listed with information about each specific tour. Tour members should also budget for airfare to first/ final tour city, a possible hotel stay in that city, the cost of mailing materials, and approximately $60 a day for food and local transportation.

Payment Schedule

Institutions that have not paid 30 days before the tour departure date will be dropped from the tour.

Tour and Fair Cancellation/Refund Policy

Application Deadline to 60 days prior to the tour: 90% of refundable charges
59 to 45 days before tour starts: 70% of refundable charges
45 to 30 days before tour starts: 50% of refundable charges
0-29 days before fair starts: 10% of refundable charges

Conditions of Responsibility and Liability

Linden Boarding School Tours, llc reserves the right to make changes to the tour if, in its judgment, this becomes necessary or desirable and is in the best interest of the participants.

Linden acts as the representative for the tour participants only with respect to arrangements for hotels, airlines, publicity, and other services described above, and as such holds itself free from liability for any loss, injury, delay, or damage from any cause beyond its control. Tour participants will receive information from Linden regarding personal insurance and trip contingency.

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