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 Spring 2019 Tours


 Barcelona, Prague, and Kiev Tour

February 4 - 9, 2019

Barcelona, Spain


      4      Orientation                  

      5      Agent Networking Event 

      6      Travel to Prague, Czech Republic 

Prague, Czech Republic


      7      Agent Fair & Recruitment Fair 

      8      Travel to Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine


      9      Agent Fair & Recruitment Fair  

    10      Individual Departures


Moscow, Almaty, and Istanbul Tour

March 12 - 18, 2019

Moscow, Russia


    12      Orientation                  

    13      Agent Networking Event

    14     Travel to Almaty, Kazakhstan 

Almaty, Kazakhstan


    15      Agent Networking Event 

    16      Recruitment Fair

    17      Travel to Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey


    18      Agent Networking Event

    19      Individual Departures



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Hola amigos, my name is Bryant Kong, and I look forward to leading you on the Latin Essentials Tour this Fall!

Mexico has been a strong market for sending students to Boarding Schools across the world for many years, and we’re thrilled to host another series of highly successful and immersive recruitment events! Data continues to indicate that Mexico will offer many opportunities for our Boarding Schools to enroll high net-worth families as Mexico’s economy and upper & middle class grow due to numerous years of economic reforms and prosperity.

In light of these realities, Linden will travel to two new booming locations, Cancún & León, for a set of robust recruitment fairs, meetings, and agent events. The city of León is the fourth most populous city and boasts one of the largest economies of any city throughout Mexico. Cancún, has been exceeding expectations as its economic growth continues to be three times the national average.

Linden will then return to Querétaro (one of Mexico’s most productive cities) where we will host another series of Recruitment and Agent Fairs. Last year our Schools met with 182 families at our Recruitment Fair and were able to benefit from this wealthy Mexican metropolis of two million people.

This Tour offers Boarding Schools an exciting opportunity to expand their brand and solidify their student pipelines in Mexico through multiple Recruitment Fairs, Agent Networking Events, and School Visits. I hope you’ll call or send me your questions today to

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Greetings, my name is Bryant Kong, and I’m excited to lead you through Brazil and Mexico for the Pan-American Pathways Tour!

Linden continually delivers the most productive offerings of any recruitment organization to our valued Boarding School clients. To achieve market share and successes for our Schools, Linden will be traveling back to two of the wealthiest cities in Latin America on this Tour for a vigorous and effective schedule of immersive recruitment events!

São Paulo, our first Tour city, boasts a population of 14 million people and has the highest number of both millionaires and billionaires in South America. This year, Linden will offer a Two-Day Super Fair to meet quality prospective students and families. Last year’s Two-Day Super Fair yielded 200+ high net-worth families & students, and further confirmed the high demand for Boarding School programs from Brazilian students. You’ll also benefit from Linden’s expansive list of educational agents throughout Brazil as we host an all-day Agent Networking Event in order to deepen your School’s prominence and importance in this market.

Linden then travels to the largest metropolitan city in the western hemisphere, Mexico City. For a decade, Mexico City has been one of the top sending cities on Linden’s recruitment schedule, and our Fairs produce approximately 200 families at this exciting gathering. We’ll continue our robust series of events with our Recruitment Fair followed by an intensive all-day Agent Networking Event. Mexico City is an essential venue for Boarding Schools needing to build or maintain their enrollment pipelines in one of the largest Boarding School markets in the world. I look forward to speaking with you, as well as leading you on this exciting and most productive Tour. Please contact me today with any questions you may have.

Bryant Kong

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Hello, my name is John Williamson, and I will be your Tour leader on this extraordinary journey to Jerusalem and the West Bank.

This region is both remarkable and diverse, yet it is often under-represented across our Boarding School campuses. The students in and around Jerusalem express themselves using multiple languages while embodying unique cultures, ethnicities, and religions. The majority of these students, too, are similar to others across the globe as they fundamentally seek to better themselves, their families, and their communities through education. I am proud to announce that this will be the least expensive Tour ever offered by Linden!

As a frequent traveler to this region, I’ll help you examine both the complex heritage of the area, as well as some of the intricacies of the student markets located within it. This exciting recruitment journey begins with our arrival on a weekend, so our first day will be a collection of cultural events in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. We’ll have a professional guide to help us understand history, faiths, food, and daily life of this complex society. The next three days will be teeming with multiple school fairs and counselor meetings throughout each day, and a large recruitment fair every evening.

Our intense three-day schedule of events and back-to-back evening fairs will be held in Ramallah, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, and then topped off with a celebratory final farewell dinner at the famous Barbra’s restaurant high on a hill overlooking the skylines of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It’s a momentous set of events and not to be missed.

I would like to personally welcome you to our Jerusalem & West Bank Tour, and hope that you will join us for what will be a strategic and productive series of events across the region. As always, I am here to answer any and all questions which can assist you in making the most of your time while on this Tour. I look forward to having you with me on the Tour and in Jerusalem.



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Hello, my name is John Williamson and I will be your Tour leader on this exciting journey to Thailand and Vietnam!

The Tour will begin in one of Asia’s largest, most-visited, and diverse cities, Bangkok. Schools will meet many of the top vetted agents from TIECA (Thai International Education Consultants Association) through Linden’s all-day Agent Networking Event. The strong economy and the one million plus expatriates living in the city highlight Bangkok’s richness as a Boarding School market. You will maximize your ROI by focusing on these pre-selected agents and building vital partnerships with them throughout the city.

Linden will travel next to Vietnam where we have seen the largest growth in Boarding School student mobility over the past few years. Our extensive schedule starts in Hanoi with School Visits & Mini Fairs at Hanoi’s top private schools, followed by an all-day Agent Networking Event, and finally ends with a bustling Boarding School Fair! Last year’s Recruitment Fair brought in over 350 people with many Schools receiving applications from these students within two weeks following our event. Each year our Schools leave the fair feeling impressed by the students’ readiness to spend more than one or two years at a Boarding School!

Ho Chi Minh City will be the last stop on this immersive Tour. Our Schools will meet with a comprehensive and pre-vetted group of Vietnamese Agents during the Agent Event in order to deepen your School’s prominence and importance in this market. Linden will then provide the opportunity for our Schools to speak with families and students during the Recruitment Fair where we annually have approximately four hundred interested students and parents in attendance.

Places will fill quickly due to numerous years of this Tour’s extremely successful events. Please contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to leading you across Southeast Asia, and making your enrollments soar from these markets.


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Ni hao and Konnichiwa, my name is Bryant Kong, and I am so pleased to lead you through some of the most dynamic student recruitment markets in Asia.

This year’s recruiting season brings a new slate of Boarding School Recruitment locations for Linden in one of the world’s fastest growing regions. East Asia represents two of the largest economies in the world, and this year we will travel to these bustling hubs for the Taipei, Beijing, and Tokyo Tour.

Our immersive recruitment events start in Taipei where we will focus on introducing our Schools to a vast, qualified pool of agents and consultants with an all-day Agent Networking Event to enhance your brand and marketing reach in Taiwan.

We will follow Taipei with an exciting time in Beijing under the expert guidance of staff from Linden’s Beijing Office. Linden enjoys the advantage of being on site to ensure our Schools will meet highly qualified students for our Recruitment Fair. In addition, an all-day Agent Networking Event will provide our Schools ample opportunity to develop relationships with some of China’s most successful Educational Consultants and Agents, all pre-vetted by our China office to ensure standards and quality.

Finally, and an exciting first for Linden, we will travel to Tokyo! We are eager to work in tandem with the most esteemed educational consultancy in Japan, EDICM, to bring Tokyo’s brightest and wealthiest families to our Recruitment Event. It’s a triumph that has been years in the planning and we expect you to have some of the best ROI for your recruitment efforts here.

As always, please contact me whenever you have any questions about this particular Tour, or any Linden events. I look forward to speaking with you, as well as seeing you on the road!

Bryant Kong


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